Maintenance and Service

Property Management

Cleaver Property Management can call upon a wide range of service providers who are tried and trusted, reliable and deliver a high standard of work. Equally, we look to add to this by way of recommendations.

These services include:

      • Grounds maintenance
      • Tree surgery
      • Cleaning
      • Window cleaning
      • Electrical
      • Plumbing
      • Building
      • Decorating
      • Gate and security services
      • Drainage contractors

The effective provision of any maintenance relies upon the speed of response and the quality of the service delivered. Problems can be reported by mail, telephone, fax or email. Cleaver Property Management sets parameters for delivering a response to maintenance problems. In addition we can provide an out-of-hours telephone number for customers to call in the event of an emergency maintenance issue.

If you need to report a maintenance problem, please click here.

Cleaver Property Management measures the performance of its service providers, constantly looking for an improved level of response and communication. Suppliers will always be vetted and references obtained before employment.

Cleaver Property Management will provide specifications for both regular services and major projects. The need for ‘measurement’ extends to the quality of service delivered, response to corrective action and whether it’s delivering ‘Value for money’. Delivering these services and continually monitoring them is important to both Cleaver Property Management and you.

Cleaver Property Management can also arrange section 20 notices and arrange for specifications of major work to be drawn up.