Here are five reasons why investing in property could be your best option.


1. Investing in property puts you in the driving seat, while others do the work
Even though you may subcontract the management of the property to others, you’re in charge of the process and get to decide how and when things are done.

2. Residual income earned through rent yields higher returns than other investments
As a property investor, you’ll earn more money through rental income than if your money was in a high-interest bank account.

3. Anyone can become a property investor, even without personal start-up capital
The beauty of property-investing is that anyone can do it, even with no start up-capital. The experienced team at Fielding Financial can teach you how to get started, even if you don’t have a deposit.

4. Fantastic capital gains
Properties are always in demand because there is a huge lack of supply of homes in the UK. This means that even when there is a dip in the market, property prices often quickly bounce back up.

5. It allows you leave a wealth-generating asset to your children
Due to the high demand for rental homes in the UK, a property portfolio can give your children (and future generations) a guaranteed income, that a pile of money can’t provide them.