Our Dream Circus Christmas Party at Royal Windsor Racecourse


Imagine a surreal and magical world where anything can happen…

Once upon a time, in a place of dreams, a mythical circus travelled far and wide astounding crowds with their spectacular extravaganza. The audiences grew to expect the unexpected and found themselves transported into a world of extraordinary surroundings.

The Dream Circus, as it was known, was a night of remarkable curiosity and enjoyment for the Cleaver Property Team!

We enjoyed aerial tightrope walkers, sensational performances, weird and wonderful creatures all within a beautifully lit, sumptuously decorated venue.  We also enjoyed a range of delicious canapés whilst relaxing with a drink at the uniquely themed bars.

We enjoyed a delicious four course dinner set amongst the glamorous and daring show from the troupe of world class specialists too!

After dinner, we jumped on famously exhilarating dodgem cars, headed to the casino, enjoyed a concoction cocktail and simply danced the night away!

Needless to say we all had a fantastic time!!