Keep your home warm and safe from the elements this winter



At Cleaver Property Management we offer a specialist high quality service for multi- tenanted properties.  But with the British winter weather now well underway, we thought we would provide some tips and advice on how to keep your home warm, and try to protect it from unpredictable and sometimes extreme British weather events.   

The British weather, love it or hate it – is the most talked about topic of conversation in the UK.  At Cleaver Property Management we partner with a wide range of service and maintenance providers that offer a speedy response and a very high standard and quality of work for property damage due to the weather.  We also carry out regular property checks and planned maintenance too to avoid any unexpected disasters.  But we know that events happen ‘out of the blue’, which is why we have produced this short list to help prevent some of them – particularly during the winter months and while we help put them right.

  • Keep an eye on your gutters and drains.  Make sure they are not filling up with leaves and other debris – especially at this time of year, as this can prevent water spilling onto external walls and even seeping into the inside of your property via the brickwork. 
  • Make sure that any ventilation areas you have such as bathroom fans are clear from dust, including clear air bricks if you have them.
  • Look out for damaged or missing wall or roof tiles.  With strong winter winds and rain, any gaps in roof tiles could let water in, and may also whip off other tiles where the wind gusts can get to.
  • Insulate, insulate, insulate.  Where you can, try and insulate your loft and lag your pipes.
  • If you are going away this winter or over the Christmas and New Year period….. put your central heating on a timer at a low temperature, know where your stop cock is to help prevent any water coming into your home, check your radiator valves and check taps for drips and signs of the washers wearing.

We hope you have a warm dry and very Happy Christmas.