Cleaver Property Management’s Core Purpose


Property Management Reporting

All great companies have a ‘Core Purpose’.  It does not matter whether you are talking about giant companies like Google, Apple, Microsoft, or a small business like Cleaver Property Management.  All successful companies have a ‘Core Purpose’, even if that Core Purpose is not written down.

At Cleaver Property Management we not only write it down, but we display it on our website.  We find that having our Core Purpose is really important in helping us to implement our high standards of Customer Services.  It helps us to work better together as a team and it enables us to be clearer on our promises and the cost of our services.

For further details regarding what our ‘Core Purpose’ is, the standards that we hold ourselves to and how that effects you, if you are a client.  Or, how it might effect you, if you are looking for a managing agent, then click here to find out more!