Property Management, Reading – Case Study


Property Management Reading

Property Management, Reading – Case Study

For many years one of our clients relied upon the services of one of its lessees to provide the Managing Agent role for the estate. This included issuing service charges, collecting service charge monies, running the company administration, managing the extensive grounds with the gardeners and generally ensuring that the estate was kept in good order.

Upon the sad death of this resident, it quickly became apparent to the remaining residents just how much work went into running the estate.

To complicate matters further it was discovered that the cladding around the building had disguised a deterioration of the timbers beneath and specialist help was urgently required.

Cleaver Property Management was interviewed and it was soon agreed that they could provide the necessary administrative and management skills needed to deal with both the cladding issue and the day-to-day running of the estate.

The cladding has now been successfully replaced, all the flat roofs refurbished and communal SKY systems installed in all the flats.  In addition, cyclical maintenance has been set up alongside a rolling five-year plan – all of which has ensured that this development is now fully restored to its original glory.