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The majority of leasehold properties will be faced with various covenants, usually contained within the lease that sets out the framework for the administration of the development.  This legal framework is usually encapsulated in a ‘Limited Company’ (or ‘Flat Management Company’) and is the vehicle which binds all lessees together.

Flat Management Companies can be limited either by share or guarantee, but in either case the requirements to comply with company law are the same.

A Limited Company will have a set of rules known as the Memorandum & Articles of Association.

This document sets out the rules for appointing officers, eg directors, company secretary, powers of the company in respect of its operation, procedure for Annual General Meetings, etc.

Whilst the recent changes in the Companies Act mean that you need not appoint a Company Secretary, Cleaver Property Management can assist with the following:

  • Maintaining a register of members, directors and recording any changes
  • Filing the Annual Return
  • Issuing notice of meetings and the AGM
  • Taking minutes of meetings
  • Administration of share documentation, where applicable
  • Acting as the registered office

Cleaver Property Management can take on this role to assist in the running of the company and to ensure that the company fulfils its obligations under the Companies Act.

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