Cleaver Property Management’s sponsor – Teagan Bendall


                Sue and TeaganTeagan - Aerobic National Squad travelled to Czech Republic

Cleaver Property Management’s sponsor Teagan Bendall, who is part of the Bulmershe Gymnastics Club recently visited the Cleaver Property Management office to pick up her cheque for £500.00 to help fund her trip to Korea where her and her team mates have been selected to represent Great Britain!

We took the opportunity to take a photograph with her and ask her some questions about her success and how she achieved it.

As well as being selected to represent Great Britain at the World Championships in Korea this June, Teagan and her team mates are currently Southern Region Champions for group 1 trio.

How does your success make you feel?

It makes me feel proud of what I have done and I feel like I have achieved something good – something very good to look back on. 

I also love travelling abroad and I have great experiences travelling to some fantastic countries, including Slovakia, Czech Republic and now Korea.

What do you hope to achieve in the long term?

I hope to go to the European Olympics and I really want Aerobic Gymnastics to be made a world Olympic sport.

What do you think it takes to be successful in sport: talent, dedication, hard work – or all three?

All three are essential.  I would also place good team work as being really important, as well as physical and mental strength.  You also need to be happy to work hard (five training sessions a week) and be happy to travel abroad.  In essence it is about being committed.

In your years in your sport what have you learnt that could benefit others?

When something goes wrong you need to keep trying.  If you give up, then you will never see your dream.

What are your top three tips for being successful in your sport?

  1. Be prepared to work hard; commitment  
  2. Be prepared to listen to feedback from your coach
  3. Enjoy the sport and have fun

Have you made any mistakes in your sport?  If so, what have you learnt from them?

When I first started I was very frightened and nervous.  I loved it when I was in the gym but needed support to get there.  I realised that it was important to let others help me. 

I came up with strategies to overcome my fear of competing in front of a panel of judges and people watching me perform.

Cleaver Property Management would like to wish Teagan every success in the future.  We are sure that she will be successful in whatever she does!